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Benefits of tomato juice

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17. June


Tomatoes are a natural health secrets that provided by the Earth for humans.

•Tomato juice contains large amounts of vitamin ‘A’ which helps in improving one’s eye sight.

•It is good for skin care: Tomato juice benefits for skin as well as tomato juice benefits for face are widely known among people all over the world. One drunk twice a day, it is found in some cases to reduce the presence of acne and get rid of an acne infection faster. This juice can aid in the prevention of damage to cells in the skin. Tomato juice benefits for the face also include the prevention of pimples. One can make a face pack using fresh tomato base. One should apply this puree over the affected areas of one’s skin at least twice in a day for 10 to 15 minutes each time. Tomato juice is also great in its ability to tighten open pores. Rinse this mixture off with some warm water. This tomato juice can mixed with other fresh fruits or vegetables to make great face packs.

•The vitamin ‘A’ found in Tomato juice is also beneficial for good hair growth. It helps in keeping one’s hair strong and shiny.

•Tomato juice is recommended for people who are suffering from heart conditions or who are recovering from heart attacks.  This juice is almost always recommended for most patients who are recovering from various diseases.

•It helps to lower blood pressure.

•Vitamin C is also known for its ability to enhance one’s immune system. One can try drinking tomato juice for arthritis related problems. Tomato juice also helps in the prevention of inflammation and pain that is associated with arthritis. It helps in strengthening the bones.

•Tomato juice is also known for its ability to prevent constipation problems. This juice should be mixed with fresh spinach juice. It helps to activate the person’s liver and thus prevent them getting constipated.

•It is also good in treating diabetes because of its nutritional properties.

•It is for kidney stones and gall stones patients. For this, the patients are advised to eat the tomatoes without any seeds in it. Tomato juice also works as a natural antiseptic and thus helps in guarding the human body against any kind of common infections in day to day life.

Moreso, raw tomato juice is found to contain potassium. This is an essential mineral that is required for the human body to reduce malaise and general overall body weakness.

Article Credit: The Nation Newspaper

Updated 6 Years ago

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