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African Declaration On Internet Rights And Freedoms To Be Launched Today

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As internet penetration increase all across the continent of Africa, the African Declaration Drafter’s Group will be launching the “African Declaration on Internet Rights and Freedoms” (ADIRF) today at the Internet Governance Forum in Instanbul, Turkey and next week Monday, 8th September, at the Highway Africa Conference in South Africa.

Like other Pan-African initiatives, the ADIRF is expected to promote the continent. It will do this specifically by promoting human rights and standards, establishing the principles of openness in internet policy formulation and implementation in Africa, and fostering an internet environment that can best meet the continent’s Socio‐economic needs.

The Declaration has been developed over a one year timeline from the 2013 African Internet Governance Forum in Kenya where the idea was first conceived. Concerted efforts to conceptualize and draft the declaration began early in 2014 by a spectrum of stakeholders including the Africa Centre for Open Governance, Internet Society Ghana, Collaboration on Internet ICT Policy in East & Southern Africa and many others.

To promote human rights, the Declaration will build on already existing and established human rights like the Declaration of Principles on Freedom of Expressing in Africa of 2002, the African Platform on Access to Information Declaration of 2011, the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights of 1981 and the Windhoek Declaration on Promoting an Independent and Pluralistic African Press of 1991.

In addition to the dual launch this week, the Declaration will also be presented at the African Union Conference of Ministers in charge of Communication and Information Technologies early next year.

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