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5 Things You Need to Know Today

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1. Rising Above the Noise

Twitter announced that it's introducing a "muting" feature, which lets users "edit" their Twitter experience and hide certain users and their tweets from view. Now might be the time to improve your tweeting skills.--Twitter

2. Bubble Watch

Wondering if the large number of startups out there right now is indicative of a 1999-like tech bubble? GigaOm founder Om Malik is the latest pundit to tackle that common thought experiment. His conclusion: It's not a bubble--but we are solidly in an era of "gross entitlement."--GigaOm

3. The Value of a Grand Delusion

Despite the fact that entrepreneurs know that most startups fail, they're driven to start businesses anyway, usually fueled by a cocktail of self-confidence, ego, and incurable optimism. That drive is pretty beneficial for the economy. As James Surowiecki writes: "In the delusions of entrepreneurs are the seeds of technological progress."--The New Yorker

4. Valley News

Silicon Alley may have made a name for itself, but when it comes to tech acquisitions, nobody does them quite like Silicon Valley. That's according to new data from financial research firm PrivCo., which found the Valley heads the list of the top 10 metropolitan areas in terms of total acquisitions last year. There were 281 total private tech acquisitions in 2013, or nearly one every business day.--VentureBeat

5. The Future of the Wallet

The poor digital wallet sure seems like it's doomed to die by a thousand cuts. On Monday, payment processor Square said it's pulling the plug on its in-restaurant and in-café app that let consumers pay simply by giving their name, in favor of an "order-ahead" app. The lesson? Selling customers on futuristic technology can be a tough slog.

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Updated 5 Years ago

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