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5 TED Talks That May Change Your View on Life

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What can you learn about perception from a social psychologist and body language expert? If you’re one of the 16 million people who have already watched Cuddy’s compelling TED talk -- you know there’s plenty to learn. Cuddy discuses how body language and even physical posture can affect not only others' perception of you, but your own self-perception as well. Could changing your posture change your life? It just might. Watch Cuddy’s TED talk and decide for yourself if an adjustment could alter your course.

The brain is a fascinating place. Harvard psychologist and Stumbling On Happiness author Gilbert shares some of the ramifications of our mind and our beliefs about happiness. It’s a fascinating journey to understanding what really makes you happy vs. what you might think will make you happy “one day.” Learn about the ramifications of your brain’s frontal lobe processing and impact biases and get to the scientific roots of your happiness and impact your life for good.

Often business and entrepreneurship is thought to be a game played best by the outgoing. However, in this passionate case for introverted value, Cain shares that really the best environment for every person to be in are the ones that stimulates their productivity and creativity best. While introverts might brainstorm best in small groups or isolation, how they do their best work isn’t important -- it’s the quality and contribution of the work brought forth that matters most for all personality types -- introverts included.
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Updated 5 Years ago

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