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$50m Needed To Upgrade Zambian Railways Network

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State owned Zambia Railways Limited (ZRL) says it needs $50 million to expand its production by constructing new railway lines meant to link mining plants in the southern African nation.

“Currently, the total inter-mine network in existence is 167 km. However, Zambia Railways intends to expand its railway network by connecting the new production centres in the mining plants to its network,” ZRL said in a statement.

ZRL says the market size of the inter-mine region is estimated to be around three million tonnes per year to enable the company to generate up to nearly $60 million by hauling this tonnage.

ZRL is the national railway of Zambia, one of the two major railroad organizations in Zambia, which may also be referred to as Railway Systems of Zambia (RSZ).

Its network was built during British colonial rule as part of the vision of the Cape to Cairo but the economic spur was to access the mines of Central Africa. The railway started as part of Rhodesian Railways.

In the mid-1960s spurred by the Rhodesian UDI crisis, the newly independent Zambia split its railways off from Rhodesia Railways, and Zambia Railways came into being.

Article Credit: Ventures-africa

Updated 4 Years ago

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