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Zinkata’s Styling Adventures: Fashion Week Madness – Pouty Lips & Crazy Seat Fights! | My Ten Be

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Image: Sunny Rose, Laquan Smith,Tsemaye Binitie



April 16  2012 



The most exciting thing that has happened recently in these climes! So Yes! I shall chant about it! I shall chant about my experiences, the struggle to get a front row seat, the struggle to be on the right side of “the fashionable”, while desperately wanting to be individual in our choices .  Passing by and overhearing someone furtively whispering, “Does my outfit spell Fashion Journalist?” (sigh). It is ridiculous the pressure we put ourselves through in the fashion world! Oh No! I even found myself sucked into the posing and posturing that goes with being  “in” the fashion industry. I (like most people I presume) prefer to believe that I am immune and oblivious, but who are we fooling? We are all in the same boat, perhaps not quite as obvious as the other. We are, whether we would like to admit it or not, vain fashionistas!

Oh Dear! So many crazy events occurred. All silly in retrospect, but at the time, it was all part of what made fashion week what it is; fun and exciting! My Oh My, let’s skip the pain of having a psycho sit beside you! There were loads of seat fights at Arise! Picture this: You rush in to the front row as the doors open, you clock into an empty seat beside you and decide to keep it for your good friend  and then, a random lady automatically seats on it and refuses to get up when you say it has been reserved for someone! Hey, it is fashion week and crazy things happen!

I was lucky; I got front row seating on most of the days. This was quite nice, as I could take detailed notes to bring them hot and accurate to you all my lovely readers. However, some days, I was not quite as fortunate and came in a tad bit late.  My VVIP pass could not save me! I retired with dignity to my second row or third row seat! Guess what you shouldn’t let happen? Do not! I repeat, do not!  under any circumstance from your “third row seat” catch the eye of a fellow fashion colleague with a front row seat at that moment! The smugness in their eyes may just haunt you the rest of the day and shoot your concentration to pieces! It is fashion week and they have just scored one over you!

Okay, moving on swiftly to a more productive conversation. The runways ran amok with disgustingly amazing fashion! I was literally fashion sick. After a while, everything fused into one big blur of color, prints, styles and models.  I, in ever amazing fashion (tongue in cheek) was able to select the best and spot the trends and winning looks.

What trends did I spot? I shall take a different route here, because most of the trends I spotted at Arise were not significantly different from what already exists in the world of fashion at the moment, albeit a few variations, here and there. A classic example is “prints”. Even though they are still very hot, most designers, did not take the former route of mixing prints, but featured the same print as a top and bottom. Cuffs were quite popular as the accessory of choice, cutouts, backless numbers and so many amazing sartorial twists.




Article credit: Bella naijia

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