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DSTV,M-Net Movies 1 Africa (103)

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M-Net West  (103) Guide Teus 11-Mon 24 of September  
Teusday Wednesday Thursday
13:16King Kong
21:30The Eagle
22:00Season Of The Witch
16:17Beastly 23:22Made In Dagenham 23:32Mark Of Love
17:42Something Borrowed 01:15Styleography 01:02Rabbit Hole
19:34Styleography 01:37Movies Now 02:32Cedar Rapids
20:00Confined 01:45Let Me In 03:59Daddy's Little Girls
21:30The Eagle
03:38The Concert 05:37Behind The Scenes: The Pirates...
  05:36Behind The Scenes: Magic Mike 05:49Movies Now
  06:01Good Hair 06:00The Help
  07:37Captain America: The First Avenger 08:25Cowboys & Aliens
  09:37Styleography 10:20Lies In Plain Sight
  10:01Soundtrack For A Revolution 11:55Winnie The Pooh
  11:25X-Men: First Class 13:00Memories Of Anne Frank
  13:35Somewhere 14:35Monte Carlo
  15:06Styleography 16:20Baaria
  15:35Soul Surfer 18:35Abandoned
  17:22Behind The Scenes: The Hunger Games 20:15Insidious
  17:31Transformers: Dark Of The Moon 21:55Nine Miles Down
  20:02Jane Eyre  
  22:00Season Of The Witch
Friday Saturday Sunday
21:55Nine Miles Down
21:15The Eagle
23:15Miral 00:00Take Me Home Tonight 23:05Human Cargo
01:05Bad Teacher 01:30The Greatest 23:50Human Cargo
02:30The Lincoln Lawyer 03:30Another Year 00:35Your Highness
04:25Confined 06:00The Concert 02:15Let Me In
06:00Barbie Of Swan Lake 08:05King Kong 04:05Last Call
07:25Jesse Stone: Innocents Lost 11:05Something Borrowed 06:00Captain America: The First Avenger
09:05Barbie Fairytopia: Magic Of The... 13:00Diary Of A Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules 08:00X-Men: First Class
10:20Mars Needs Moms 14:40Beastly 10:10Daddy's Little Girls
12:00United 16:05To Save A Life 12:20Jane Eyre
13:35From Prada To Nada 18:05Arthur 14:15Soundtrack For A Revolution
15:20Goodnight For Justice 20:00Green Lantern 15:55Transformers: Dark Of The Moon
17:10Apollo 13 21:15The Eagle
18:25Good Hair
20:00Thor   20:00Hemingway & Gellhorn
Monday Teusday Wednesday
21:30Fright Night
00:10Rabbit Hole 23:20The Lincoln Lawyer 23:15Bridesmaids
01:40Cedar Rapids 01:15Miral 01:15Take Me Home Tonight
03:05Season Of The Witch 03:05Human Cargo 02:45Bad Teacher
04:35Curious George 2: Follow That Monkey! 03:50Human Cargo 04:10Annie's Point
06:00Win Win 04:35Winnie The Pooh 06:00The Adjustment Bureau
07:45The Help 06:00Barbie Fairytopia: Magic Of The... 07:45King Kong
10:10Cowboys & Aliens 07:15Master And Commander: The... 10:45Green Lantern
12:05Lies In Plain Sight 09:30Goodnight For Justice 12:00Thor
14:00Baaria 11:00From Prada To Nada 14:10Diary Of A Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules
16:25Monte Carlo 12:45Mars Needs Moms 15:50Something Borrowed
18:00Memories Of Anne Frank 14:10Another Year 17:40To Save A Life
20:00Balls Of Fury 16:15Jesse Stone: Innocents Lost 20:00Leaving
18:00United 21:35Human Cargo
  20:00Human Cargo 22:20Human Cargo
  20:45Human Cargo  
  21:30Fright Night
Thursday Friday Saturday
22:20Human Cargo
21:30Hemingway & Gellhorn
21:35Balls Of Fury
23:00Your Highness 00:10Twelve 23:15Insidious
00:40Made In Dagenham 02:00Blue Valentine 01:00Rabbit Hole
02:30The Eagle 04:00Blitz 02:30Styleography
04:15Last Call 06:00Somewhere 03:00Transformers: Dark Of The Moon
06:00Soundtrack For A Revolution 07:35Memories Of Anne Frank 06:00United
07:20Daddy's Little Girls 09:10Monte Carlo 07:35Goodnight For Justice
09:00Beastly 10:45Cowboys & Aliens 09:05From Prada To Nada
10:25Captain America: The First Avenger 12:40Winnie The Pooh 11:00Mars Needs Moms
12:25Coast To Coast 13:45Lies In Plain Sight 12:25Another Year
14:10Jane Eyre 15:20Soul Surfer 15:00The Concert
16:10Good Hair 17:05Baaria 17:05The Help
17:45X-Men: First Class 20:00Uncross The Stars 20:00Age Of Heroes
20:00S.W.A.T.: Firefight 21:35Balls Of Fury
21:35The Lincoln Lawyer
21:30Hemingway & Gellhorn
Sunday Monday  
21:35The Lincoln Lawyer
21:35Your Highness
23:30Human Cargo 23:15Leaving  
00:15Human Cargo 00:45Take Me Home Tonight  
01:00Bridesmaids 02:15Human Cargo  
03:20Master And Commander: The... 03:00Human Cargo  
06:00To Save A Life 03:45The Adjustment Bureau  
08:05Last Call 06:00Beastly  
10:00Arthur 07:25Jane Eyre  
11:50Styleography 09:25X-Men: First Class  
12:20Jumping The Broom 11:35Captain America: The First Avenger  
14:10Win Win 13:35Good Hair  
16:05Green Lantern 15:10Diary Of A Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules  
18:05Something Borrowed 16:50Daddy's Little Girls  
20:00The Client List 18:30Soundtrack For A Revolution  
21:35Your Highness
20:00Mark Of Love  
  21:30S.W.A.T.: Firefight

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