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DSTV-Africa Magic World (112)

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Wednesday Thursday
20:05Love Is A Game
22:30Isikote Ebu
14:30Turning Tide 23:15Centurion 00:05Ahankar
15:00Doctors' Quarters 01:25Channel O 01:00Channel O
16:00Rosa 05:00Channel O 05:00Channel O
16:30Strange Desire 11:00End Of Kidnappers 11:00London Forever
17:00Tinsel 12:30Filler: TBA 12:30Filler: TBA
17:30Street Singles 13:00Rosa 13:00Heaven's Gate
18:00Broadway - Ghana 13:30Strange Desire 13:30Strange Desire
18:41Asa Jailer 14:00Tinsel 14:00Tinsel
18:46Skits And Sketches 14:30Street Singles 14:30This Life
19:00Husband And Wife 15:00Broadway - Ghana 15:00Changes
20:05Love Is A Game
16:00Heaven's Gate 15:30Banjul Cops
  16:30Strange Desire 16:00Serial Wife
  17:00Tinsel 16:30Strange Desire
  17:30This Life 17:00Tinsel
  18:00Changes 17:30My Mum And I
  18:30Banjul Cops 18:00Jacob's Cross
  19:0024 Hours 19:00Life In New York
  22:30Isikote Ebu
20:30Ibo Man Sense
  22:30Fair Game
22:00Filler: TBA
Friday Saturday Sunday
22:30Fair Game
22:20Where We Belong
21:35Mama I Will Die For You
00:00Aparichita 00:00Manjulika 23:15Centurion
01:00Channel O 01:00Channel O 01:25Channel O
05:00Channel O 05:00Channel O 05:00Channel O
11:00Deep Secrets 09:30When The Going Gets Tough 09:10Nadia
12:35Filler: TBA 13:00Goge Africa 11:15Strange Desire
13:00Serial Wife 13:30Strange Desire 11:40Strange Desire
13:25Strange Desire 14:00Tinsel 12:05Strange Desire
13:55Tinsel 14:30Beyond The Beat 12:30Strange Desire
14:25My Mum And I 15:00Edge Of Paradise 13:00Strange Desire
14:50Jacob's Cross 16:00Karibu Beauty Show 13:30Strange Desire
15:40Goge Africa 16:30Africa Matters 14:00Creative Afrika
16:30Strange Desire 17:00Chakula Bora 14:30The KKB Show
17:00Tinsel 17:30Bold Faces 15:00Music On Africa Magic
17:30Beyond The Beat 18:00Creative Afrika 16:00All Access
18:00Edge Of Paradise 18:30The KKB Show 17:00Studio 53 Extra
19:00Black Night 19:00All Access 17:30Cooking With Siba
20:30Crazy Landlord 20:00Another Top Secret 18:00Laugh Out Loud - The Comedy Show
21:55Filler: TBA 21:35Mama I Will Die For You
19:00Pastor's Wife
22:20Where We Belong
    22:40Lovers Day
Monday Teusday Wednesday
22:40Lovers Day
22:15She Is A Devil
22:30Ibo Man Sense
23:55Malyadaan 00:30Filler: TBA 23:25Filler: TBA
01:00Channel O 01:00Channel O 23:55Yaksha: The Little Mammon
05:00Channel O 05:00Channel O 01:00Channel O
11:00Battle For Amnesty 11:00Fair Game 05:00Channel O
12:15Filler: TBA 12:35Filler: TBA 11:00Another Top Secret
12:30All Access 13:00Tendo Sisters 12:35Filler: TBA
13:30Home Trendz 13:30Strange Desire 13:00Rosa
14:00Studio 53 Extra 14:00Tinsel 13:30The Miser
14:30Cooking With Siba 14:30About To Wed 14:00Tinsel
15:00Laugh Out Loud - The Comedy Show 15:00Doctors' Quarters 14:30Street Singles
16:00Tendo Sisters 16:00Rosa 15:00Broadway - Ghana
16:30Strange Desire 16:30The Miser 16:00Heaven's Gate
17:00Tinsel 17:00Tinsel 16:30Our Home
17:30About To Wed 17:30Street Singles 17:00Tinsel
18:00Doctors' Quarters 18:00Broadway - Ghana 17:30This Life
19:00Hit And Run 19:00End Of Kidnappers 18:00Changes
22:15She Is A Devil
21:00Life In New York 18:30Banjul Cops
  22:30Ibo Man Sense
19:00Wanted Alive
    20:40Where We Belong
    22:20Filler: TBA
    22:40Crazy Landlord
Thursday Friday Saturday
22:40Crazy Landlord
22:40Spiritual Husband
00:05Nirupama 00:10Parityaag: Forsaken 01:00Channel O
01:00Channel O 01:00Channel O 05:00Channel O
05:00Channel O 05:00Channel O 11:00Deep Secrets
11:00Hit And Run 11:00Perfect Relationship 12:35Filler: TBA
13:00Heaven's Gate 13:00Serial Wife 13:00Goge Africa
13:30Our Home 13:25Family Ties 13:30Click Africa
14:00Tinsel 13:55Tinsel 14:00Tinsel
14:30This Life 14:25My Mum And I 14:30Beyond The Beat
15:00Changes 14:50Jacob's Cross 15:00Edge Of Paradise
15:30Banjul Cops 15:40Goge Africa 16:00Karibu Beauty Show
16:00Serial Wife 16:30Click Africa 16:30Africa Matters
16:30Family Ties 17:00Tinsel 17:00Chakula Bora
17:00Tinsel 17:30Beyond The Beat 17:30Bold Faces
17:30My Mum And I 18:00Edge Of Paradise 18:00Creative Afrika
18:00Jacob's Cross 19:00When The Going Gets Tough 18:30The KKB Show
19:00Nicodemus 22:30Filler: TBA 19:00All Access
20:40What Men Can Do 22:50Dristidaan
20:0024 Hours
22:40Spiritual Husband
Sunday Monday  
20:0024 Hours
22:15Arrested By Love
00:00Manjulika 00:00Ek Ghat Ki Kahabi: By The River  
01:00Channel O 01:00Channel O  
05:00Channel O 05:00Channel O  
10:30The General's Wife 11:00Husband And Wife  
12:00Big Brother Africa Extreme Experience 12:30All Access  
13:05New Directions: A Ribbon In The Sky 13:30Home Trendz  
14:00Creative Afrika 14:00Studio 53 Extra  
14:30The KKB Show 14:30Cooking With Siba  
15:00Music On Africa Magic 15:00Laugh Out Loud - The Comedy Show  
16:00All Access 16:00Tendo Sisters  
17:00Studio 53 Extra 16:30Bella's Place  
17:30Cooking With Siba 17:00Tinsel  
18:00Laugh Out Loud - The Comedy Show 17:30About To Wed  
19:00Where We Belong 18:00Doctors' Quarters  
20:35Ibo Man Sense 19:00Nadia  
22:15Arrested By Love
  22:40Life In New York


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