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DSTV,Africa Magic (114)

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M-Net West  (114) Guide Teus 11-Mon 24 of September  
Teusday Wednesday Thursday
13:30Hotel Vibrations
22:20Wanted Alive
22:15Rescue Me
14:00Tinsel 00:00Cry Me A Baby 00:40New Direction Africa: The Aftermath
14:30God's Money 00:30Money In The Bank 01:10Green Snake
16:30New Directions Nigeria: Twins Of... 02:35Who Laughs Last 03:00My Desire
17:00Chakula Bora 04:10Rumours 06:00Good Morning Africa
17:30Tinsel 05:30New Directions: Believe 07:00Goge Africa
18:00Dear Mother 06:00Good Morning Africa 07:30About To Wed
18:30The Miser 07:00Goge Africa 08:00Strange Desire
19:00The Hostel 07:30About To Wed 08:30Clinic Matters
19:30Nowhere To Be Found 08:00Strange Desire 09:00The Suitors
20:00Romantic Attraction 08:30Clinic Matters 11:00Good Morning Africa
22:20Wanted Alive
09:00Cover Up 12:00Crossed Road
  11:00New Directions Africa: Surrender 12:30Chakula Bora
  11:30Good Morning Africa 13:00Moments With Mo
  13:00Dear Mother 14:00Tinsel
  13:30The Miser 14:30Unbelievable
  14:00Tinsel 17:00Chakula Bora
  14:30New Directions: The Tamat 17:30Tinsel
  15:00Lost Passion 18:0053 Extra
  17:00Chakula Bora 18:30Mirage Of Life
  17:30Tinsel 19:00The Hostel
  18:00Jara 19:30Disclosure
  18:30Crossed Road 20:00Critical Truth
  19:00The Hostel 22:10Tea Or Coffee
  19:30Moments With Mo  
  20:00Abuja Marriage  
  22:15Rescue Me
Friday Saturday Sunday
22:10Tea Or Coffee
22:00Romantic Attraction
21:30My Cross
01:30A Million-Million 23:35New Directions: Transactions 23:50Tongues Of Fire
03:10Dorothy My Love 00:05Missing Rib 03:30Money In The Bank
05:35Channel O: Volt 03:40Smooth Operator 05:30Channel O: Volt
06:00Good Morning Africa 05:30Channel O: Volt 06:00Good Morning Africa
07:00Goge Africa 06:00Good Morning Africa 08:00Disclosure
07:30About To Wed 07:00Funtime With Delphia Ryna 11:4553 Extra
08:00Strange Desire 07:30Buttercup Wood 12:15Adaeze
08:30Clinic Matters 08:00Adaeze 12:45Utaba
09:00Death Warrant 08:30Utaba 13:15New Directions: Kenya Baisikol
11:00New Directions: Mama Put 09:00Channel O: Volt 14:00Odum Na Ogbuagu
11:30Good Morning Africa 09:25Odum Na Ogbuagu 15:30Channel O: Volt
12:30Chakula Bora 11:00New Directions: The Room 16:00Tinsel
13:0053 Extra 11:30Good Morning Africa 16:30Tinsel
13:30Mirage Of Life 13:00House A-Part 17:00Tinsel
14:00Tinsel 13:30Demigods 17:30Tinsel
14:40Obstacle 14:00The Bovi Ugboma Show 18:00Tinsel
16:30New Directions: Black Sushi 14:30The Hostel 18:30Jara
17:00Chakula Bora 15:00The Hostel 19:00Missing Rib
17:30Tinsel 15:30The Hostel 22:00Self Defence
18:00House A-Part 16:00The Hostel  
18:30Demigods 16:30The Hostel  
19:00The Hostel 17:00Moments With Mo  
19:30The Bovi Ugboma Show 18:00The AY Show  
20:00Pay As You Go 19:00Jara  
22:00Romantic Attraction
19:30When God Says Yes  
  21:30My Cross
Monday Teusday Wednesday
22:00Self Defence
22:40Runaway Lover
22:05Who Laughs Last
23:45Dangerous Game 00:25Rescue Me 23:30Green Snake
01:40God's Money 02:15New Directions: White Hankerchief 01:05Sugarcane Lady
03:30Unbelievable 02:40Intruder 03:00Tea Or Coffee
06:00Good Morning Africa 05:35Channel O: Volt 06:00Good Morning Africa
07:00Goge Africa 06:00Good Morning Africa 07:00Goge Africa
07:30About To Wed 07:00Goge Africa 07:30About To Wed
08:00Strange Desire 07:30About To Wed 08:00Strange Desire
08:30Clinic Matters 08:00Strange Desire 08:30Bella's Place
09:00Mother's Love 08:30Clinic Matters 09:00Unbelievable
11:30Good Morning Africa 09:00Channel O: Volt 11:30Good Morning Africa
13:00The AY Show 09:30Poor Man 13:00Dear Mother
14:00Tinsel 11:00New Directions: Prize Maze 13:30The Miser
14:30Channel O: Volt 11:30Good Morning Africa 14:00Tinsel
15:00Smooth Operator 12:30Chakula Bora 14:30Tears In My Eyes
17:00Chakula Bora 13:00Spider 16:30New Directions: Ab' Obaku
17:30Tinsel 13:30Hotel Vibrations 17:00Chakula Bora
18:00Spider 14:00Tinsel 17:30Tinsel
18:30Hotel Vibrations 14:50Corner Stone 18:00Jara
19:00New Directions Nigeria: Twins Of... 16:30Channel O: Volt 18:30Crossed Road
19:30The Hostel 17:00Chakula Bora 19:00The Hostel
20:00Cover Up 17:30Tinsel 19:30Moments With Mo
22:40Runaway Lover
18:00Dear Mother 20:30When God Says Yes
  18:30The Miser 22:30The Suitors
  19:00The Hostel  
  19:30Nowhere To Be Found  
  20:00My Only Son  
  22:05Who Laughs Last



Thursday Friday Saturday
22:30The Suitors
21:45Wanted Alive
22:10Tongues Of Fire
00:30A Million-Million 23:25Edikan 02:05Obstacle
02:00Miracle Centre 02:00Tea Or Coffee 04:00Dangerous Game
04:05Death Warrant 05:00Brave Heart 06:00Good Morning Africa
06:00Good Morning Africa 06:00Good Morning Africa 07:00Funtime With Delphia Ryna
07:00Goge Africa 07:00Goge Africa 07:30Buttercup Wood
07:30About To Wed 07:30About To Wed 08:00Adaeze
08:00Strange Desire 08:00Strange Desire 08:30Utaba
08:30Bella's Place 08:30Bella's Place 09:00Ode Eshi
09:00God's Money 09:00Abuja Marriage 11:30Good Morning Africa
11:30Good Morning Africa 11:30Good Morning Africa 13:00House A-Part
12:30Crossed Road 13:0053 Extra 13:30Demigods
13:00Moments With Mo 13:30Mirage Of Life 14:00The Bovi Ugboma Show
14:00Tinsel 14:00Tinsel 14:30The Hostel
14:30Dorothy My Love 14:30Tears In My Eyes 15:00The Hostel
17:00Chakula Bora 16:30New Directions: A Barber's Wisdom 15:30The Hostel
17:30Tinsel 17:00Chakula Bora 16:00The Hostel
18:0053 Extra 17:30Tinsel 16:30The Hostel
18:30Mirage Of Life 18:00House A-Part 17:00Moments With Mo
19:00The Hostel 18:30Demigods 18:00The AY Show
19:30Disclosure 19:00The Hostel 19:00Jara
20:00Pay As You Go 19:30The Bovi Ugboma Show 19:30Broken Marriage
21:45Wanted Alive
20:00Critical Truth 22:30Self Defence
  22:10Tongues Of Fire
Sunday Monday  
22:30Self Defence
22:45My Desire
00:10Rumours 01:40Hole In The Heart  
01:15Romantic Attraction 04:00Smooth Operator  
03:00Intruder 06:00Good Morning Africa  
06:00Good Morning Africa 07:00Goge Africa  
08:00Disclosure 07:30About To Wed  
08:30Series TBA 08:00Strange Desire  
09:00Series TBA 08:30Bella's Place  
09:30Series TBA 09:00Channel O: Volt  
10:00Series TBA 09:30Poor Man  
10:30Series TBA 11:00New Directions: Mama Put  
11:4553 Extra 11:30Good Morning Africa  
12:15Adaeze 13:00The AY Show  
12:45Utaba 14:00Tinsel  
13:15Ode Eshi 14:45Pay As You Go  
16:00Tinsel 16:30Channel O: Volt  
16:30Tinsel 17:00Chakula Bora  
17:00Tinsel &l

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