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Definition of Abacha (Igbo)



Pronounciation: English (Ah-Bat-Chah)



1. The shredded pieces of cassava (tapioca) roots, which is created through a process of fermentation and hydration.

2. A delicacy in the Igbo diet, which includes a range of spices and methodologies and is created when the raw Abacha is mixed with other condiments. It is birth from the raw Abacha and is still called Abacha in its prepared form.



1. Nne ị’na eme abacha, ka ịbiara igwu mmiri. (Dear are you making abacha or did you come to swim).

2. Na Igba Nkwu’m, agam eji abacha agworoagwo mebisia unu. (At my traditional marriage, I will spoil you all with Abacha).



Abacha Mmiri, Abacha Agbworo Agwo


Updated 2 Months ago

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