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Valencia College Ibadan

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Valencia College is an independent co-educational boarding and day school for children aged 10years and above. At Valencia College, we offer a broad and balanced education within a friendly, caring and happy environment.

At Valencia College the curriculum offered is based on the English national curriculum with good reference made to indigenous learning experience. In addition, our approach to education creates a strong base for future development. This encourages a culture of independent learning that challenges students to accept greater responsibility for their learning.

At Valencia College, our highly personalised learner system provides a distinct process, through which student's strength, potential, ability and interest are identified and harnessed.

Our processes, procedures and policies are guided by a simple belief that every child matters. We are therefore able to cater for students with a wide range of learning abilities and this makes our school exiting and welcoming inclusive environment where academic excellence is promoted with a strong pastoral and co-curricular emphasis in a global dimension.

At Valencia College, our ethos of excellence permeates across all aspect of school life making the experience of learning holistic as students have access to support advice and guidance.

Emphasis is placed on the moral development and excellence through diligence, honesty, discipline, integrity and respect for others.

Our comfortable and homely boarding houses are walking distance from the college and thee students will walk regularly to and fro, developing a sense of responsibility and independence from an early stage.

With facilities that houses over 500students, Valencia College forms a vibrant, dynamic and warm community.
Students thrive on expert teaching, small classes as class sizes are limited to a maximum of 18 students in a class, state of art facilities and vast range of extra-curricular activities.

Students of Valencia College are seen enterprising, friendly and ambitious. They will be made to exhibit wonderful energy that will fuel the vehicle of their purpose.

We expect to have impressive results when our students go on to study @ international renowned university where we have established strong network.

In all, Valencia College is founded on Christian principles of character development. Titus 2:7 drives our passion to be the best, promoting excellence across great divides and creating role models for the society. will join us to say there is no better place to learn than Valencia College.

Our vision, Mission and Core values


  • A school that inculcates high moral values in its students
  • One of the top class schools in Oyo State, competitive within its class
  • A school with high academic excellence, 99.9% of its students pass external examinations
  • A school where parents compete to enrol their children
  • A school with an excellent management team presiding over an excellent, 
    well-organised staff and disciplined students.
  • A school that produces seasoned academicians who stand tall above their peers in the society

To be a foremost college that produces world-class human resources.

To add distinctive value through the application of the enriched national curriculum of education for the total development of the pupil.


  • Commitment to world class education
  • Commitment to the development of the total child
  • Integrity, ethics and high moral standards
  • Stewardship
  • Merit
  • Service to the community
  • Team work

Life at Valencia College, Ibadan


Valencia College is a busy place. Whether you are a pupil, a member of staff, a parent or visitor you cannot fail to key into the strong sense of purposefulness, focus and the pure fun, which permeate life at Valencia College.


Standards and expectations are high; after all we want our children to be the best! Commitment to academic excellence, responsible leadership and moral integrity within a supportive and nurturing environment provide an education experience that is rewarding for all those involved.


As a happy, tolerant and vibrant community we are proud of our distinguished past and look forward to an exciting future filled with success in many different activities. In this section we attempt to touch on the depth and the diversity of opportunity available to students in their work at Valencia, their extra-curricular activities and their time in the house. We support initiative, encourage the taking of responsibility and seek to foster an atmosphere, which balances order and individual freedom.


In aiming for a fulfilling yet a balanced life, every student at Valencia College is helped by a few people- their Housemistress/master, the student affairs coordinators and their class Tutor. At each stage in their education, a housemistress, student affairs coordinators, and class tutors will get to know him/her extremely well and will be a source of guidance and support through their teenage years. In addition, there are members of staffs and who specialize in certain areas, (e.g. Higher Education, Careers and Counselling) and who are always on hand to give advice.


Counselling activities in the school include individual and group guidance in educational, vocational and socio-personal matters.

Under performing children, gifted, talented and disadvantaged students are invited for interviews and guidance. Students with examination related problems are also helped. Sometimes parent's attentions are needed and they are equally guided.


One-on-one 1 hour tutorials are also conducted daily to help students solve problems.


On the 6th week of school term - all subject teachers are present to meet and discuss with parents.

Visiting Days for Boarding house students takes place every 2nd Sunday of every Month

Excellent Boarding Facility

An excellent state-of-the-art boarding facility ensures that our students reside in a home away from home. All necessary facilities will be provided, including a good security network and the presence of capable Hostel-parents to take care of the students.

Games and sporting facilities will be available for the boarding students; ball games like basketball, handball, lawn-tennis, table-tennis and badminton will all available.

Indoor games like Chess, Scrabble and Ludo will be played in a fully air-conditioned common-room (Please note that boys and girls will have separate common-rooms with equally good facilities). A state-of-the-art gym will also be provided for health and body building for boys and girls.

Range of Co-Curricular Activities at Valencia College


Students join reading groups for many reasons; the reading of good books and the discussions they inspire, exposure to new ideas and differing viewpoint, and an opportunity to socialize with other book lovers. Others are looking to explore the endless possibilities of the adventure each read provides.

The books, articles and pieces chosen are from assorted inventory of international writers. Whatever the reason, students are encouraged to participate in this initiative so that they sharpen their intellect and become universal articulate.


The Valencia Mathematics Club was established for three reasons:

  1. To help remove "Math Phobia" - the fear of mathematics which majority of students tend to generally have, and to make them se that mathematics is a subject which can be understood and enjoyed.
  2. To help students learn steps towards developing conceptual and manipulative skills in Mathematics.
  3. To encourage and prepare potential Mathematicians, Engineers, and Scientists through:
    • Interactive play methods i.e. the use of Mathematics games and models.
    • Regular quiz, lectures and seminars; with students themselves as major participants.
    • Personality appreciation i.e. discussions and talks about early and pioneer mathematicians and scientists - their early lives and impact made in the world of Mathematics.


The Valencia Music Club was established to enhance the talents and performing capabilities of students interested in music whether as a career or hobby. Participation in the music club enables the student to put into practical use, the knowledge or rudiments and theory of music which they have learnt in the classroom. The Valencia Music Club has three sections:

  1. The Choir
  2. The Orchestra
  3. The Stage Band

Each of these sections is directed and supervised by a seasoned and experienced music tutor. The students are encouraged to join any of these musical groups where they are taught the art of singing and playing of musical instruments.

The music club has been very active and has always performed at the social and extra-curricular programs of the school. The Valencia Music Club also welcomes invitations to perform in other secondary schools within and outside our immediate environment.


The art and craft is used for art, pottery, sculpture, and modelling. Students have plenty of opportunities to use the centre in their free time. Majority of the work done in the centre is displayed around the college.

Our Classrooms

VALENCIA COLLEGE maintains a well furnished blocks of fully air conditioned class rooms to provide the best learning environment for our students. 

Two Classroom blocks with 24 rooms and 3 staff rooms. Each classroom has a work space for 18 students in a class.
Our class rooms are quite spacious, air conditioned and well ventilated; promising a clean environment and enforce cleaning habits among students. 

We ensure that the number of students in each class is kept within the recommended figure to keep a well balanced student/teacher ratio.

We provide good furniture befitting the age categories of our students at all levels.

Class rooms are also equipped with CCTV systems to ensure all students are being monitored and controlled, hence we expect excellent behaviour from our students always.

Our learning environment is designed to provide the best learning support.

Our Library

To aid personal study and research among the students and teachers, Valencia College maintains a well stocked Library that meets the need of the learning community at all levels.

Our Library is made up of the normal academic books covering the national curriculum at the secondary school level, it also contain Local and Foreign text books that are not readily available. We have periodic journals on subscription and other books that deal on various areas of human endeavour.

Our facility is well managed by qualified personnel who are always at hand to guide the students on how they can optimize the Library usage.

School Laboratories


To aid visual and practical learning; Valencia College possess a number of science and learning laboratories where students acquire practical learning.

Science laboratories include that of Agricultural Science, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Other laboratories include:

  • Home Economics/Food and Nutrition laboratory,
  • Typing pool; where students acquire typing skills,
  • Technical Drawing laboratories,
  • Music laboratory; where students learn how to explore their musical talents
  • and a school farm where students acquire farming field experience.  


Information Technology is further consolidated through the use of latest state-of-the-art audio-visual equipment. Our integrated Sciences laboratory is well laid out and equipped for the junior classes, while the senior classes have complete Electronics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology laboratories.


Valencia College Physics lab houses modern audio-visual equipment along with the laboratory materials to carry out experiments and investigations aimed at encouraging the students to develop some of the skills and abilities that scientists use to solve real life problems.


Valencia College Chemistry laboratory is a well equipped one, with equipment that enhances the teaching and learning of Chemistry. The laboratory will enhance qualitative and quantitative practical analysis, detection of gases and ions, separation techniques, usage of laboratory apparatus and handling of reagents. It is a conducive environment for the teaching and learning of practical Chemistry.


This laboratory is well furnished and equipped to demonstrate biological illustrations with experimental set-ups, using modern and state-of-the-art equipment. Some of the unique materials in the laboratory are:

    • Real life specimens for illustration in teaching classification of organisms
    • Skeleton models of various kinds, including complete human skeleton, skeleton of dog and all parts of the vertebral column (backbone) in pieces
    • Models showing different internal organs of mammals like the Kidney, Liver, Heart, Reproductive organs among others
    • Chemical reagents for bio-chemical analysis like Enzyme reactions, Food tests, etc.
    • Varieties of Biology charts showing Amphibians, Reptiles, etc. and life cycles of some Insects
    • CD/DVD ROMs for showing illustrations and animations of various biological concepts and principles
    • An overhead projector for viewing software programmes in Biology like GSCE Biology and IGCSE Biology


Students will be introduced to the use of computers when they enter the college. Computers will be used in the teaching of all subjects. Our students have access to computers anytime they need to use them. Electronics and C.D.T. are pursued in specially equipped workshops.


A well-equipped Home Economics centre facilitates the teaching and learning of Food and Textile Technology, Home and Family living at Valencia College. Our students will have the advantage of one-on-one supervision by qualified teachers.


Technical drawing is the general language of engineers. In our technical drawing room students will be taught how to communicate through the use of drawing skills and to be able to compete with their counterparts all over the world. They will be exposed to Geometrical, Mechanical and Building drawing. At Valencia College, future Architects, Builders, and other engineers are prepared for a professional world.


In this workshop our students will be exposed to different fields of engineering - electrical, electronics, woodwork, mechanical, building, etc. The students will work under the guidance of highly qualified teachers in a well equipped and modern introductory technology workshop.


The Junior Secondary School laboratory is well equipped with simple scientific materials that make the learning of science more interesting to the junior students.

This laboratory is a fully air-conditioned one, well decorated with educative scientific charts that capture the pupil's minds and attention. Charts and models are also available for different topics to facilitate the learning process. Simple reagents are made to carry out simple experiments aside from other more sophisticated experiments that are performed.

ll these facilities are put in place to ensure maximum knowledge acquisition in any area of student's interest and prepare a sound foundation for future growth.

Our Computer Center


Valencia College has a well equipped computer centre that meets the needs of its students, the staffs and other users that use the centre for knowledge resource.

The centre is a Local Area Network of modern computer work stations and a server that is fully connected to the Internet at all times.

Students use the centre for basic training; they also use it for their academic works and also do basic research on the Internet. It exposes students and keeps them in pace with the modern technological trends.

     It serves the entire community in keeping in touch with global development trends, upgrading our knowledge base, communication and learning

Our Facilities


  • 2 blocks of class-rooms consisting of Twenty four unit of 18 seater air-conditioned classroom equipped with modern audio-visual facilities.
  • A brand new standby 30Kva CAT generator.
  • A Fully Equipped Music Room.
  • A 300 seater Air conditioned Multipurpose Hall.
  • 16 seater Air Conditioned Staff Room.
  • ... CCTV controlled Environment for Monitoring.
  • Well Equipped Library with close to 1000 volumes.
  • State of Art MUSIC LABORATORY.
  • School BIOMETRIC Attendance System.
  • A functional administration building equipped with modern office equipment.
  • A Computer Centre equipped with 25-multimedia, networked IBM-compatible personal computers 
    (Two of these are specially enhanced with appropriate accessibility hardware/software for the visually impaired.)
  • A spacious dining hall and kitchen with modern catering facilities.
  • A well equipped Clinic with a 5-bed capacity.
  • Dormitory blocks for boys and 1 large girls' dormitory with
  • Spacious rooms, including common rooms, box rooms. 
    Hostel has adjoining utility blocks including toilets, laundry facilities and hot showers.
  • Table tennis facilities.
  • A Standard football/athletic field and a practice pitch.
  • 1 basketball Courts, 1 handball field, 1 volleyball pitch.
  • A well equipped auto mechanic workshop.



Phone 0803 550 7094, 0802 360 3
Address Opposite kolapo-ishola GRA Second gate, General gas, Akobo, Ibadan

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