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Proximal Heights

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Proximal Heights Development provides high-level expertise and is specialized in construction development and business/investment development services. We provide Business Management Consultation Solutions to major sectors of the Building Market . We also provide clients with detailed market and feasibility studies for sectors of the industry requiring the latest information on Economics, Marketing and Finance. When Proximal Heights Development is engaged, our client is getting specialized knowledge and valuable experience in our comprehensive services which include, but not limited to, the following:



Responsive Architecture is what you experience: When Buildings can make money for the owners. Where it is possible and easy for Brands to stand out. When Buildings make the impossible happen. When limited means bring shelter to many and Where intelligence meets up with Buildings. -Proximal Heights Credo

Proximal Heights upholds strongly the attitude of profitable relationships with every partner-current and potential. It focuses on operating with utmost integrity, unquestionable honesty and openness in all involvements. We appreciate the value of cost as it directly affects our deliverables and the promises to our client. This in addition is supported with a strong acumen to spot other areas of brilliant opportunities for our clients and ourselves. We will be committed to carrying out business with transparent honesty, trust, openness and integrity in all dealings. We shall also uphold professionalism and high quality standard of work in all our transactions


We shall be a company of first choice to our clients in all forms of service needs. We shall be committed to the provision of a wide range of multi-disciplinary services for environmental development and enhancement as well as making happen sustainable schemes. This shall be achieved through experienced and highly qualified staff that are adequately equipped to provide personal professional and confidential services to clients using the best technologies, with the flexibility to design solutions and comprehensive packages to meet individual client needs.


Buildings as Business Premises 
From concept to final construction, deep thoughts are engaged in the design of these commercial structures in such manner as to ensure that the right values are derived from them. The users expectations are taken into account and the lifetime value of the building is planned to be sustainable.




In The Business of Creating Homes
We recognise that there is a difference between a house and a home.

There is ample information from the client when it comes what will be needed to build him his home. We are willing to go the course with them bringing simplicity to bear upon aesthetics without losing the functional purpose of what is supposed to be-a place of comfort.



Anything Recreational
We have the ears of the client for creating spaces for people to relax, The client, the context, the culture, and the program are the essence of each project. Our hand is evident in the result, not by style, but with the integrity of our approach and process. We offer experience and the ability to find solutions that work and users can go away with an unforgettable experience.


Phone +234 (1) 8516183, (0)803 370 0278
Address 33 McCullum Street, Adekunle, Ebute Meta, Lagos

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