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The vision

The Lord is raising up a generation of children chosen and destined for greatness that will be like none we have ever seen before.

They will be brilliant, highly educated, innovative people to whom God will reveal the secrets of His wealth that are hidden in every field of human endeavour.
They will be first class doctors, engineers, scientists, economists, bankers, stock brokers, computer analysts, legislators, politicians presidents and first ladies etc who will control vast financial kingdoms with righteousness, because they will be His children with His godly character.

They will be part of the greatest revival the world has ever seen, and they will represent the dawn of a new day. Lifeforte International School is one of the institutions that the Lord has set up to raise children of excellence, whose excellence will go beyond academics to include character.

LIFEFORTE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL is a co-educational Private Christian Institution, consisting of the Preschool, Junior and High Schools for children between the ages of 3-18 years.

It was founded on the 5th of November 1990 by Pastor Olubi and Sarah Johnson to provide a balanced comprehensive educational curriculum for the full development of children (ages 3-18) intellectually, spiritually and socially. Lifeforte has a large number of students, Nigerian and foreign, who come from different social backgrounds (e.g. from Britain, America and Canada) and they have all settled down well.

With our established travel agency (Biscordint) traveling has been made easy as Lifeforte always makes arrangements for students traveling from different parts of the world to Nigeria and back at special Lifeforte parent's discount rates.


  1. To foster the spirit of Christian fulfillment and happiness, thereby encouraging the children to grow up in the knowledge and service of our Lord Jesus Christ.
  2. To encourage leadership qualities such as high moral standards, truthfulness, determination and integrity in all students.
  3. To offer a program sufficiently wide-ranging and challenging in order to produce well-exposed, civilized, responsible and disciplined children who will become honourable citizens, equipped to cope with the diversities of the world around them.
  4. To provide an atmosphere conducive to the achievement of academic excellence.
  5. To equip the children with skills for precision in cognitive perception, thought processes and expression, as well as the development of their own individual talents.

Lifeforte truly represents a new dawn in Christian character building, and all-round excellence.


LIFEFORTE INTERNATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL is a co-educational Private Christian Institution, consisting of the Junior High, Senior High and A levels for boys and girls between the ages of 10-18 years. All applicants are required to complete and submit an application form (obtainable online) before they can take the entrance exam.

GRADE 7 (JSS1; Junior Secondary School year 1)

All Grade 7 applicants are required to sit for an entrance exam and will be assessed based on the results of this exam. Former academic and behavioural records may also be considered but places are offered on merit only.

GRADE 10 (SSS1; Senior Secondary School year 1)

All applicants are required to sit for an entrance exam and will be assessed based on the results of this exam together with their respective JSS 3 (Grade 9 or equivalent) results. Subjects studied at this level are grouped into three categories: Arts, Social Sciences and Science (seecurriculum). Applicants results at the JSS level will determine which category they are best suited for.

The general expectation is for at least 6 credits (which must include Maths, English, Integrated Science and Social Studies) and 3 passes (NECO/ JSS 3 exam) or at least 5.0 average in the Checkpoint exam.

For Social Sciences

A in Maths (NECO/ JSS 3) or at least 5.0 in Maths Checkpoint.

For Science

A in Math, A in Science (NECO/JSS 3) or at least 5.0 in Math and Science Checkpoint.

For Arts

Students will be interviewed for individual assessment.

A LEVELS (AS; Advanced Subsidiary)

All AS applicants are required to sit for an entrance exam. Places will be offered on merit based on the results of the entrance exam together with results of their most resent O levels.

Prospective candidates must have a minimum of 5 credits with at least B in each of the 3 subjects to be offered.


All transfer applicants are required to sit for an entrance exam. Places will be offered on merit based on the results of the entrance exam and availability of space in the class required. Transcripts from the previous school may also be considered.


A range of merit based scholarships for the Smart and Gifted are awarded in Lifeforte International High School each year for excellence in academics, music, art, public speaking and sports. Students must qualify for scholarships based on their outstanding performance in the entrance examinations. Short listed candidates will be invited for a panel interview and will be required to demonstrate in a practical assessment a level of excellence and natural aptitude in their chosen category.

The school adopts a uniquely integrated approach in its academic content, combining both Nigerian and British curricula (Cambridge Checkpoint & KS3). The Cambridge Checkpoint  is a final assessment given to Key Stage 3 pupils or ninth graders. This examination is conducted by the University of Cambridge and has international recognition and endorsement. The students will also sit for the Lifeforte Junior School Certificate Exam at the end of grade 9. All students from JSS 1 to 2 (grade 7-8) are required to do all the foundational subjects listed below. However  in JSS 3 ( grade 9 ) excluding the core subjects,  students will have the option of  electives.Junior Secondary School (JSS)

Success in the 21st century requires a national and global outlook. Therefore, we offer the best of national and international curricula with a broad range of subjects and options to achieve academic breadth and to provide a springboard for A level school and University admissions.  

English History
Mathematics Geography
Physics Social Studies
Chemistry Civic Education
Biology Home Economics
Technology Music
ICT Physical & Health Education
French Business Studies
Yoruba Creative Arts
Igbo Christian Religious Studies

Senior Secondary School (SSS)

Students may choose either the National (WASSCE) or the International (Cambridge GCE O level) curriculum. They will also have to make a well guided choice between 3 different subject majors: Science, Social Science and Arts.  




1 Physics   Physics
2 Chemistry   Chemistry
3 Biology   Biology
4 Math   Math
5 English   English
6 Economics   Further Math
7 Further Math   Economics
8 Technical Drawing   Yoruba
1 Business studies/Accounts   Geography
2 Sociology/Geography   Accounts
3 CRS/Literature   CRS
4 French   French




1 English   English
2 Math   Math
3 Economics   Economics
4 World Affairs/Literature   Biology
5 Geography   Geography
6 Biology   CRS
7 CRS   Yoruba
8     History/Literature
1 Business studies   Accounts
2 Sociology   Chemistry
3 Accounts   Government
4 Chemistry   French
5 French   Fine Art
6 Further Math   Further Math





1 English   English
2 Math   Math
3 Biology   Biology
4 World Affairs   History
5 Literature   Government
7 Economics   Literature
8     Economics
9     Yoruba
1 Sociology   Geography
2 Business studies   French
3 Geography   Business Studies
4 French    

ED Programme / A Level :

Our  Early Decision (ED) programme is an accelerated route into our A level programme aiming to compress the two year course into a twelve (12) month academic teaching programme to commence annually in the month of August.

The criteria for entry is A* - A  in a minimum of   5 subjects at O level.

The Advanced Level (A/L) programme consists of 2 parts, Advanced Subsidiary (AS) and A2 representing the 2 years of sixth form study:

AS forms the first part of  the Advanced level course in which students must choose from 3 to 4 subjects.
A2 is the second part of the Advanced level course in which students will be limited to 3 major subjects.

The criteria for entry is A* - B  in a minimum of   5 subjects at O level.

Curriculum subjects from which choices are to be made are listed below:  


Business Studies

Extra Curricular Activities:
Community Service
Press Club
Literary and Debating Club
Creative writing
Art, Craft and Photography
French Club
Public Speaking and Elocution
Young Entrepreneurs Scheme


In Lifeforte, each child is an individual. Mentoring and Child Support is a department designed to ensure that your child does not get lost in the crowd. Our passion is to encourage the student to believe in his/her own God given potentials and abilities expressed in the child being the very best that he/she can be.Through a structured feedback process we are able to identify students in need, devise strategies and techniques to assist each child overcome his/her challenges and provide needed support and monitoring through our team of mentors to ensure compliance.

It is our joy to see our students' desire, aspire and achieve greatness.

Many children have benefited from this program which has put a smile on the faces of the children and their parents.


The vision of the Foundation was birthed out of a sense of service, passion and empathy. Launched by the CEO – Mrs. Sarah Johnson, the objective of the foundation is to provide through sponsorship, world-class education to outstanding students who otherwise may not have been able to afford it. With a core of founding members, parents, individuals and corporate entities, the foundation is firmly committed to investing in the future of the next generation and the nation. The aim is for the beneficiaries of the scholarships to flourish through a cross-pollination of ideas and aspirations fostered in the enabling environment of globally recognized top-tier higher institutions of learning.

Currently, the foundation has 2 beneficiaries – a Mechanical Engineering undergraduate at the California Institute of Technology and a Physics undergraduate at the University College London.



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