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ABC Transport Lokoja Transit Terminal, Kogi State
Aiyetoro Gbede Microfinance Bank Limited
Ajeko Microfinance Bank Limited
Akwengwu Microfinance Bank Limited
Amuro Microfinance Bank Limited
Biraidu Microfinance Bank Limited
Busu Microfinance Bank Limited
Confluence Microfinance Bank Limited
Egbe Microfinance Bank Limited

Gains Microfinance Bank Limited
Gbede Microfinance Bank Limited
Glo Office- Lokoja
Idah Microfinance Bank Limited
Ihima Microfinance Bank Limited
Iyamoye Microfinance Bank Limited
Kabba Microfinance Bank Limited
Kogi Microfinance Bank Limited

Mopa Microfinance Bank Limited
Odu Microfinance Bank Limited
Ohon Microfinance Bank Limited
Okengwe Microfinance Bank Limited
Ovidi Microfinance Bank Limited
Progress Link Microfinance bank limited
Solid Base Microfinance Bank Limited
Unyogba Microfinance Bank Limited
Urban Microfinance Bank Limited

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Cornea Consulting Limited, Lagos
Cornea Consulting helps businesses achieve high performance. We deliver innovation and insights to our clients and help them to put it into action. We help our clients create value, manage change throughout the organisation through our unique blend of management consulting services. We have an unrivalled reputation for the development and delivery of the highest quality of project managent training in Nigeria to corporate bodies and individuals. We are committed to building and growing your performance quotient either as an individual or as an organization.

Hoechi Nigeria Limited- Administrative Office, Lagos- Nigeria
Hoechi Nigeria Limited is a virtual firm of experienced professionals who apply their wealth of experience in adding value to clients’ businesses, thereby making visible impact on overall business results.

Partnership with GDAM
Global Distribution for African Media is a worldwide distribution channel and part of our sister group of companies. Our alliance with them gives our publications global access.

Institute of Strategic Management, Nigeria
The Institute of Strategic Management, Nigeria is a professional management association, which specializes in Strategic Management, Leadership, and Governance.

Jasper Nursery School
The name Jasper means “spotted or specked stone” it is derived via Grek iaspis {feminine noun} from a Semitic language {cf. Hebrew yashepheh { referring to a green form of jasper which is very rare} Alkkadian yashupu. It has been a favorite gem from the ancient world Jasper is an opaque fine grained dense or crypro crystalline variety of quartz or the silics mineral chert. The color may be red, yellow, green , brown , grey, earthly or neutral. Jasper as a precious stone can be used in a coordinated manner with a wide range of building products and materials: stone, timber, metal, brick and concrete. Endless combination are achieved It is for a long time uitlised for roofing and walling in residential industrial and commercial building. It equally resonates with warmth and character as well as suitable for a range of environments including bush, city, coastal or suburban. A[art from reference to it in the holy book, it finds currency in Australia, Queensland, ural mountains {Russia} North Africa Sicily {Italy} Germany and so on

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