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Atlantic Energy- Lagos
Aaron's Place
ABC Transport 9TH Mile Terminal, Enugu State
ABC Transport Enugu Terminal, Enugu State
Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria,(AMEN)
Aku Diewa Microfinance Bank Limited
AMX Bureau De Change Limited
Anglican Diocese Enugu
Ascot Resort - Enugu
Bayview Resorts and Hotels - Enugu
Bethel Microfinance Bank Limited
Blue Island Hotel - Enugu
Bon Hotel Sunshine - Enugu
Bridgewaters Hotel - Enugu
Brief about The Bishop,Rt. Revd. Dr. Emmanuel Olisamedualim Chukwuma and Bishop's Wife Mrs. Joyc
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Caritas University - Enugu
Chidera Microfinance Bank Limited
Citipark Luxury Hotels - Enugu
Coalcamp Microfinance Bank Limited
College of Immaculate Conception
Conoil PLC Enugu
Crown Microfinance Bank Limited
DEC-Enugu Microfinance Bank Limited
Destiny Microfinance Bank Limited
Dmatel Hotels and Resorts Enugu
Eastman Microfinance Bank Limited
Enugu State College Of Education (Technical) - Enugu
Enugu State University of Science And Technology - Enugu
ESUT Business School - Enugu
Forte Oil Filling Station Expressway Enugu

Forte Oil Filling Station Hotel Presidential, Enugu
Forte Oil Filling Station Ogbete Market Road Enugu
Forte Oil Filling Station Zik's Avenue Enugu
Full List of Hotels and Resorts in Enugu, Nigeria
Full list of Schools in Enugu, Nigeria
Gbujas Bureau De Change Limited
Genesis Deluxe Cinemas Polo Pack Mall Enugu
Glo Office- Asata
Glo Office- Enugu
God Is Good Motors, Enugu
Gold Value Hotels - Enugu
Golden Funds Microfinance Bank Limited
Golden Royale Hotels - Enugu
Grandchavy Hotel
Green-Bank Microfinance Bank Limited
Hilton Park Hotel and Resort
Hotel Chiloville- Enugu
Hotel Himalayas - Enugu
Institute of Ecumenical Education
Institute of Management and Technology (IMT), Enugu, Nigeria.
Integrated Grain Processors (Nig) Ltd , Office, Enugu
Inventmedia Ltd Enugu
Kenechukwu Microfinance Bank Limited
Konigin Des Friedens College - Enugu
Lady Ibiam Girls School - Enugu
MAXBE Hotels- Enugu
Mayfresh Intl. Bureau De Change Limited
Mea Mater Elizabeth high School - Enugu
Mea Mater Elizabeth High School Enugu
Most Innovative Information Platform in Nigeria
National Orthopaedic Hospital, Enugu
Neocourts Hotel - Enugu
Nike Lake Resort Hotel - Enugu

Nondon International Hotels - Enugu
Nsukka Township Microfinance Bank Limited
Oaklands Hotel & Amusement Park
Obollo Microfinance Bank Limited
Ogbete Microfinance Bank Limited
Ogige Microfinance Bank Limited
Ohha Microfinance Bank Limited
Omasi Microfinance Bank Limited
Orie-Orba Microfinance Bank Limited
Orthofit Orthopaedics, Nigeria
Providence High School.
Renaissance university, Enugu, Nigeria
Roban Hotel- Enugu
Rocana Nigeria Limited, Enugu
Shoprite Enugu, Nigeria
Shoprite GRA Enugu
SIMS Nigeria Limited, Enugu State
Solid FM, Enugu
Spring of life international, Nursery schools Enugu.
Spring of life international, Primary schools, Enugu, Nigeria
Sunrise Microfinance Bank Limited
The Catholic Institute for Development, Justice and Peace (CIDJAP)
TheHotel, Enugu
Tri-Star Microfinance Bank Limited
Trinitas Bureau De Change Limited
Umuchinemere Microfinance Bank Limited
Universal Hotel - Enugu
University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital (UNTH), Enugu
UNN Microfinance Bank Limited
Wallnet Business Services Limited, Enugu
Zube Bureau De Change

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God Is Good Motors, Enugu
God Is Good Motors was built upon a simple idea: provide great customer service all the time.

Bayview Resorts and Hotels - Enugu
Bayview Resorts and hotels Enugu is here to serve you with world class amenities and service. Located in the heart of the city right next to Enugu State government house and the world famous Okpara square, we are also just a 10minute drive away from Akan Ibiam Internatinal Airport Enugu. The service, location and amenities make us top choice in Enugu hospitality.

Institute of Management and Technology (IMT), Enugu, Nigeria.
The institute of Management and Technology(IMT), Enugu came into existence under the then East Central State of Nigeria Edict No 10 of 1973 promulgated by the administrator of East central State â Ajie Ukpabi Asika. Prior to the establishment of the great IMT, there existed up-till 1967 the College of Technology which offered courses in Engineering and Laboratory Technology leading to the award of Ordinary Diploma, the Institute of.

Brief about The Bishop,Rt. Revd. Dr. Emmanuel Olisamedualim Chukwuma and Bishop's Wife Mrs. Joyc
Rt. Revd. Dr. Emmanuel Olisamedualim Chukwuma was born into the family of Chukwuma Mgbeze in Asaba on 15th January, 1954.

Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria,(AMEN)
The adoration ministry programme is anchored on the infallible word of God which say that in the presence of the lord,

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