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Jextoban Secondary School

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 Jextoban Secondary School was formally established on January 9th 1995 when the first sets of students were admitted. A dream comes true for its founders Mr & Mrs E.A Ojo who had since in 1998 conceived the vision of improving the educational state in Nigeria.  The School had prior to the formal opening offered teaching of English language studies to two Koreans who needed the language to further their education in Nigeria.

 Jextoban as established provides the environment and facilities that cultivate academic and social achievement. With excellence of good teaching faculty, the school produces well balanced, highly skilled and articulate children, with the potential to move on in any field of their choice.

The range and quality of education of Jextoban will create challenging opportunities for children so that they will mature in the supportive and responsive surrounding provided. For us in Jextoban our commitment as a school is to helping children achieve the highest standard of education with upright moral values.

The School today boasts of a very conducive environment with its Junior Secondary School and its Senior Secondary Sections, also, we have a set of qualified professional teachers working with a comprehensive curriculum, broad enough to encompass the areas needed to start off a child in line with Nigerian educational policy. We have conducive learning environment, ensuite boarding facilities with separate toilets per room, a mutil purpose hall, a max of 25 students per class structure, an Intro-tech lab for junior school, a computer lab, a Visual Art Room, a clinic and a classic musical instruments and music lab. All these are continually updated & upgraded.

Jextoban is presently located in Ketu while her international arm is under construction on her 8 hectares property in Ogun state a 15 minutes drive from Lagos state

In Jextoban we stand driven by our  mission statement… “ A value – driven secondary School established to develop the total personality of the child through Christian virtues and values to excel in the global society


At Jextoban, our perspective of education is a two fold idea. The first idea is the education with meaningful lifestyle that would help a prospective citizen contribute meaningfully to the existence of man and improve his personal life and of others around him.

The second aspect is that of character molding to make children possess godly and lovely characters in life. If the vision and mission of the educational institution are centered around these two fold ideals, then the human race would be perfected beyond the current trends of evil being experienced in our society today. It should be noted that meaningful education is only a revolutionary weapon for human emancipation. As parents are hungry for qualitative education, they should not forget to keep their children in safe hands. The safe hands are the caliber of people providing such desired all round education, these include the Proprietor per excellence, the Principal and Teachers who are of proven integrity and quality. These are of immense value to satisfy the said needs.

Parents should endeavour and curiously find out these three personalities in the school. It is not the big building that makes up a school. As we all know that it is not big robe that makes a monk. In our school JEXTOBAN, we are disseminating qualitative education coupled with godly character which we need in our dispensation. Ours, according to our slogan, is “A Value Driven Secondary School”. We intend to impart addictedly spiritual, academic, moral and adequate social values to as many children that pass though our citadel of learning (JEXTOBAN). Above all, we are committed to creating a new generation for our beloved country Nigeria. May the good God help us.


  • Qualified teaching personnel
  • Conducive Learning environment
  • Maximum of 25 students per class
  • Computer lab
  • Intro-tech lab for junior school
  • Standard /well equipped library
  • ICT facilities
  • Good Transport network for day students
  • Visual Art Room
  • Language Lab ---French
  • A mutil purpose hall
  • Classic musical instruments and Lab
  • A clinic
  • An Ensuite boarding facilities with separate toilets per room
  • A gym room for girls hostel


Thank you for your interest in Jextoban Secondary School, Lagos.

  1. Obtain the Application form and a copy of school prospect ( for electronic application, click here to download the application form, after which a completed copy be mail to
  2. An application fee is required to process your application. This is payable to school bursary, or Online via interswitch(this facility is not operative now)
  3. Additional information on the admission form includes:An entrance examination is scheduled and conducted at specified centres.
  • Two (2) passport photographs and a photo copy of Birth Certificate for JS1 – JS2. However candidates joining from JS2 –SS2 are considered to be transformed students, therefore they will be required to present a copy of last result from the previous school.
  1. Subsequently, after the result of the entrance is ready, candidates will be required to undergo an Oral Interview, and if successful.
  2. A letter of Admission will be issued stating fee and detent payment schedule. On resumption, student will attend students orientation programme design to equip them with gruel information about their rights, duties and obligations vis-a-vis the school programmes e.g. socials, academic e.t.c.   


Merit Gold AwardMerit Gold Award

Presented by PSR Magazine in homour and recognition of your accomplishment in Education. Awarded to Mrs. A. A. Ojo, The Proprietress. Jextoban Secondary School


Market Driver School of the YearMarket Driven Junior Secondary School Of The Year

The Chartered Institute of Marketing of Nigeria Annual Marketing Award for Market Driven Junior Secondary School of The Year 2000

Commercial & Policy Development AwardCommercial & Policy Development Award.

Commercial & Policy Development Council Award for The Best Junior Secondary School of the Year 2000

Shell First Prize Competition5th Coral Competition: First Prize

First Price winner at the 5th annual choral comptetition for secondary schools in Lagos. 23rd November, 2002.

Best Secondary School2001 Award: Best Secondary School(Private)

2001 Award (Education) awarded for the best private secondary school in kosofe local governement area. Lagos.


JEXTOBAN treading this line of philosophy, organizes excursions regularly for students. These excursions adequately cover the national and international scenes.

Educationists have come to recognize excursion as a veritable mechanism in expanding the horizon and widening the knowledge of a millennium child in the ever-changing global village.EXCURSIONS

At the national level, the school has visited places such as Ajaokuta Iron and Steel Industry, Ikogosi Water Fall, Ikogosi Warm Spring, Olumo Rock in Abeokuta, Kanji Dam in Niger State and others too numerous to mention.

International Excursions

The school does not limit her students perspective to the national landscape only but extends it to the international arena. Amongst all the countries in West Africa such as Ghana, Togo and Republic of Benin, not to mention others, have been visited by the students.

Annual excursions to European countries have become a tradition in the school. In Paris, students visited renowned places like Arch De Triumph, Eiffel Tower, L’arc de Tromhie, Frank Roosevelt. Russel Square, Buckingham and other Square, Woolish Peckham and other famous locations in London have become a regular port of call for our students.

It has been discovered that through these excursions out students have stood-out among their contemporaries as polished and refined characters.























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