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Eminence schools, Abuja, Nigeria

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Eminence schools is a Nursery and Primary School located in the central and residential area of Abuja.

The school maintains a friendly and informal atmosphere while fostering a high level of individual responsibility and self motivation. 

The school aims at encouraging the development of the whole person, placing a lot of emphasis on attaining a very high academic standard.


The school is an embodiment of strong and successful staff who are always willing to welcome all types of students. The very bright, the normal and those who find it difficult to learn as fast as others. We delight in handling all types of students because of our approach which is sensitive to the needs, interest and abilities of the individual child.

The school was officially opened to academic activities on the 8th Sept, 2008 with 4 pupils for about three weeks before others came. The school is meant for the basics of 9 years at a stretch but only took off with the Nursery and Primary for now. The school has the capacity of about 60 classrooms in all if completed with only 20 pupils in each class. 

The school took off with 14 staff of which 5 were graduates, 2 NCE holders, 1 medical personnel while the rest were First School Certificate holders as the support staff. In all, the school was just about 1 year, 5 months old in 2010, with registration of 51 pupils as at then. 


To provide quality Education in a caring, secure and Print-Rich environment, that motivates children and nuture their individual talents and abilities, emphasizing the development of necessary skills, increased productivity and promote creativity using qualified personnel within the appropriate technology.


An opportunity to invest unique success in young lives.


  • We assure every pupil at Eminence School of:

  • Standard Education

  • Safer haven for learning

  • Qualified and highly motivated Teachers

  • School Bus Servicefacilities

  • Well Equipped Laboratory

  • Computer Centre etc...



The curriculum is an integrated curriculum that has the benefit of the first pace of the Nigeria curriculum and the thinking skills of the British and American Curriculum. In view of this, we hope to explore critical thinking, creativity and nurture children’s talents.


The school is set out to build strong foundation in literacy and numeracy, to be able to read, comprehend and interpret concepts as they relate to the subjects. These will help our children to reach the entrance standards of various independent secondary schools in the world.


 In addition to English, Maths and Science, the other core subjects are Phonic sounds, Moral instruction, Social studies, Health education are also taught in Eminence schools.


Our Curriculum is built around the need to: 
§  Read fluently and accurately with understanding 
§  Develop a legible & neat style of hand writing 
§  Develop a high standard of spelling syntax punctuation & usage. 
§  Communicate clearly in speech and writing 
§  Learn how to acquire information from various sources and to record information and funding in various ways. 
§  Compute with speed and accuracy. 


Core Curriculum


Subjects Taught


  • Mathematics/Quantitative Aptitude
  • English Langlish/Verbal Aptitude
  • General Science
  • Social Studies
  • Home Economics
  • French
  • Physical & Health Education
  • Computer Studies
  • Fine Art
  • Religious Studies
  • Agricultural Science,        Hausa,        Handwriting.



Eminence School is made up of a strong and dynamic staff that consists of highly qualified, decent and experienced graduate teachers.

The school took off however with 14 staff of which 5 were graduates, 2 NCE holders, 1 medical personnel while the rest were First School Certificate holders as the support staff. It is our culture in Eminence School that all staff are to be corporately dressed on skirt suit or trouser suit from monday to Thursday and traditional wear on Friday.





Phone +234-8035 926 294 +234-80
Address Plot 490, Jabi/Dakibiu District, Cadastral Zone B10, Abuja Nigeria


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