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Christ's School, Ado-Ekiti Alumni Association

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History of the Christ’s School Alumni Association

of North America (CSAANA) Constitution.

The constitution for the association became necessary immediately after the first reunion in July 1998. The original constitution for the association in Nigeria was found to be old and did not meet the current needs for our new alumni association in North America, so had a need to have a constitution that would meet and support the type of association we anticipated. 

After the 2000 Reunion, one of the objectives was to set up a committee to draft the CSSANA Constitution. The members of the constitution drafting committee were Mr. Akin Adeosun and Dr. Bolaji Aluko. 

The draft constitution was presented at the Business meeting of July 2003 and a final draft constitution was presented and approved at the 2004 Reunion in Ontario, California. 

The constitution have since been adopted by all the chapters and for all alumni in the United States. The constitution was tested at the Reunion 2006 in Atlanta, Georgia and many thanks to the existence of the constitution. 

The first set of amendments were made at the Reunion 2008 in Houston, Texas. The additions and structure were done by Mr. Akin Adeosun and Mr. Dele Jegede. 

Contributor: Akin Adeosun, June 2010

 Establishment of Christ’s School Alumni Association of North America (CSAANA). 

The first Reunion.

What is now known as the Christ’s School Alumni Association of North America (CSAANA) was founded in Maryland, after a few Alumni who were concerned about the deplorable conditions of the school and how it can be made a better place.

The first official meeting was held in the fall of 1997 with the following Alumni in attendance:

  1. Mr. Akin Adeosun ( set of ’69)
  2. Mr. Kayode Osho (set of ’69)
  3. Mrs. Kunbi Osho ( nee Osundina- set of ‘76)
  4. Mr. Richard Adeyemo (set of ‘72)
  5. Dr. Bode Obisesan (set of ’74)

We, decided to be meeting regularly at 8906 Mark Place, Laurel, MD. 20707 ( the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Kayode and Kunbi Osho. The 6th member, Dr. Bolaji Aluko could not attend the first set of meetings due to his engagements in Nigeria; however, he joined the subsequent monthly meetings.

The membership increased to twenty with time. It would be impossible for me to state specifically when the other members joined. However, we formed a formidable group and chose the following officers to run the association.

  • Interim Coordinator: Mr. Akin Adeosun
  • Secretary: Mrs Kunbi Osho (later: Mr.Sola Akinleye)
  • Treasurer: Mr Richard Adeyemo
  • Publicity Secretary: Bolaji Aluko

By fall of 1997, the association decided to do the following:

  1. Register formally as corporate organization in the state of Maryland.
  2. Define its set of objectives and established a constitution.
  3. Reach out to other old students in the United States and Canada with a view to establishing a continental organization.
  4. Set aside a date for annual reunion when alumni can meet and deliberate on matters that affect us as a group and find ways to stop the deterioration and embark on projects that would enhance infrastructural development in the school.

The first reunion of Christ’s School Alumni Association of North America was held between July 2-4, 1998 at Ramada Inn on Route 198/ Laurel/ Forth Meade Road, Laurel Maryland, USA. 

The reunion was attended by old students across the US and Canada and was rated very successful despite the short duration of existence with no previous experience. 

At the reunion, an alumnus was presented with an award of recognition: Professor ‘Niyi Osundare, Professor of Literature at the University of New Orleans, New Orleans, Louisiana. USA. He is also a poet and playwright known and recognized worldwide for his literary contributions.

At the conclusion of the July 2-4, 1998 1st CSAANA Reunion, the following resolutions were adopted:

  1. The officers of the Washington, D.C/ Baltimore, MD. Chapter became the national officers of the CSAANA as follows;
    • President: Mr. Akin Adeosun
    • Secretary: Mr Sola Akinleye
    • Treasurer: Mr. Richard Adeyemo
    • Public Relations Officer: Prof. Bolaji Aluko
  2. That the new national executive establishes an internet based networking program of alumni across the country such that they are better informed of the association’s existence and activities.
  3. That the national executive establish an outreach program to help Christ’s School, Ado-Ekiti, Nigeria; whose basic infrastructures fell apart due to government takeover and inadequate funding of it’s basic programs.

By October 1998, the national executive was dissolved and the following officers were elected. 

  • President: Dr Segun Adebayo
  • Secretary: Mr Sola Akinleye
  • Treasurer: Mr. Chris Timi
  • Financial Secretary: Mr Sam Iyapo
  • Public Relations Officer: Dr. Bolaji Aluko

Our Mission

Alumni Association Vision: 

Christ's School, Ado-Ekiti Alumni Association is a non-profit organization focusing on services, programs, and activities that foster goodwill towards our Alumni all over the world, identifying key volunteers and providing information to alumni and friends. .

The specific objectives of our Association are:
  • To promote and encourage a continuing interest in and loyalty to Christ's School, Ado-Ekiti.
  • To effectively employ and recognize the talents, energies, and contributions of alumni.
  • To assist in the development and growth of educational standard in Christ's School, Ado-Ekiti
  • To encourage alumni and friends to generously support Christ's School, Ado-Ekiti.
  • To publish and distribute various publications related to Christ's School, Ado-Ekiti and Alumni.
  • To arrange and conduct meetings of the alumni (in all the Chapters).
  • To provide a standardized organizational structure and coordinated program for our Alumni Association
  • To develop goals and coordinate the efforts aimed at their accomplishment.

Through your membership, you enjoy:

  • Opportunities to reconnect with classmates
  • Chapters events
  • Career networking opportunities
  • Membership Card and Christ's School Crest/window decal
  • Monthly e-newsletters
  • Discount on special merchandise
  • Bi-annual Alumni reunion and annual business meetings.
You can take pride in knowing that your contribution helps make 
Christ's School stronger by:
  • Providing water and light to students in Christ's School
  • Serving as advocate for our great School
  • Encouraging good academic standard through your annual contributions
  • Supporting Alumni programs for all our chapters
  • Upholding the image and tradition of our great school.

Please consider a contribution to Christ's School Alumni Association today, so we can ensure that Christ's School, Ado-Ekiti achieves greater success as an institution of academic excellence.

Be a part of our family. Join the Christ's School Alumni Association today! Christ's School Alumni Association

From The Current President (CSAANA)  - Sam Iyapo

Up School!

On July 16, 2008 I sent out the list of items which will be our vision for the next two (2) years. They are as follows:

  • 2008/2009 Homecoming at Ado- Ekiti
  • Reviewing and following up on key points on the long standing Ogunkua's report
  • The Book Launch/Fund Raising .

Ogunkua's report

The 2008 homecoming has come and gone. Unfortunately my speech to the homecoming did not make it to Ado-Ekiti. As a result, most alumni did not read the speech, therefore my suggestion for a review of the Ogunkua's report did not materialize.

To refresh your memory, Baba Ijo Ogunkua and some alumni were appointed in one of the general meetings of Christ's School alumni at Ado-Ekiti about seven (7) years ago to write a report on how to move Christ's School forward. The Committee wrote a beautiful and comprehensive report. The report was sent to all chapters for review and recommendations. We in CSAANA set up a Committee to review the report, and the report was adopted in Ontario, California in 2004. Ever since then, nothing has been said about the report, because we have not found a breakthrough on how to raise the money to effect the recommendations on the report. Some of the estimates given in the report more than seven years ago cannot be relied upon because of the present economic situations worldwide.

I will now make a solemn request that the Congress meeting scheduled for March 13th, 2009, should appoint a Committee to restudy the report, updating where necessary the estimates in the report, taking into consideration the present and future value of the Naira, and then set a time frame for implementation of the report in stages. This report of the Committee should be submitted to the New Exco as soon as it's constituted or at the October 2009 Homecoming.

Book Launch

During the last reunion in Houston, a proposal was agreed upon to write a book on Christ's School contributions to Nigeria's Development or a suited title. We also agreed that this book will be launched in three cities in Nigeria, and the final lunching will coincide with the homecoming on Christ's School grounds in October 2009. We have figured out that this is going to be the ground breaking that we have been looking for to raise the money needed to implement the Ogunkua's report. We have got some Alumni volunteers to read and edit the proposed book; at the same time we would need contributions from all Alumni to make this book project a success.

  • We would need contributions from the following:
  • Memos from all former Senior Prefects and Officers of Sets.
  • Memos from Alumni with very good and accurate records of Christ's School.
  • Memos and copies of books written about Christ's School by Alumni
  • Contributions from all ex principals and teachers (most especially Alumni) of Christ's School
  • Any one who is in possession of documentary work about Christ's School.
  • Volunteers to coordinate the collations of this report, especially in Nigeria.

Please, if you are willing to be part of this project, please forward your e-mail address and phone numbers to me ASAP.

Samuel Iyapo
President CSAANA, 301 675 9108


From The Past President (CSAANA 2006-2008) - Kola Sonaike, PhD.

Dear Great Alumnite!


To start with, we give all glory and honor to God for enabling us to have a successful 2006 reunion in Atlanta June 30 thru July 2. It was quite joyful to know that every attendee arrived safely at their posts after the event. Much thanks to our Atlanta alumnites for their time, money, and other resources selflessly expended to make the reunion a great success. May God in His infinite mercies replenish the energies and the monies that were freely given. We are proud of you all. Up School!!!!!!!!!!

CSAANA SECRETARIAT FOR THE NEXT TWO YEARS On behalf of the entire members of Texas area chapter of CSAANA, I wish to thank everyone for counting us worthy to run the national secretariat of the association for the next two years. We do assure you that by the grace of God, you will not be disappointed in any way. As long as God is on the throne, by the next reunion in 2008, we shall all have much cause to praise the Lord for His faithfulness. Let me reassure everyone that things went the way God wants. Neither myself nor other members of the Texas area chapter present at the meeting campaigned in favor of the secretariat moving to Texas. In fact, both Mr. Dimeji Olorunnisomo (the current national Secretary) and myself had left the venue of the service to go and check out of our rooms when the election was done. Surely, Christ, our cornerstone, took charge of things, as usual. We thank Him for leading the way!

PLATINUM CLUB INDUCTION/HOMECOMING EVENT AND THE MONTHLY PRAYER SESSIONS At our first national executive committee meeting held on Sunday July 23, 2006, we decided that Atlanta chapter, our immediate past national secretariat, should continue to do their great job of coordinating the platinum club induction/homecoming event for CSAANA. We also support wholeheartedly the monthly prayer sessions and believe Atlanta should continue to coordinate same. We join other CSAANA members to thank Atlanta chapter for these great ideas and for leading the way as we progress those concepts.

CSAANA COUNCIL MEETINGS In line with CSAANA's constitution, we shall be scheduling quarterly council meetings via teleconferencing. For some of these meetings, we may have slightly expanded participation because of items on the agenda. The national executive committee meetings shall however hold bi-monthly. We encourage the chapter executive committees to meet monthly, preferably through teleconference, in addition to their regularly scheduled bimonthly or quarterly chapter general meetings. By the grace of God, we plan to schedule the first national council meeting within the next two weeks. At that meeting, we plan to share the national executive committee's vision for the next two years.


  • President - Dr. Kola Sonaike 713-899-2361
  • Vice President - Ms. Biola Rotimi-Ogunsola 972-335-5759
  • General Secretary - Mr. Dimeji Olorunisomo 214-912-4077
  • Treasurer - Dr. Segun Alonge 832-8682793

Within the next couple of days, the general secretary and the treasurer, in particular, will be establishing contacts with their counterparts in the different chapters. We do rely on your kind co-operation as you relate to them.

CONCLUSION Once again, we thank God for His mercies and count on your co-operation and unfliching support as we work together to raise the banner of our great association even higher, during the next two years.

Take care and stay blessed. Up School!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kola Sonaike, Ph.D July 30 2006


From The Past President (CSAANA 2004-2006)     Olabisi 'Sinbad' Olawole 


You know what it means to be a Christ's School Alumni. As an Alumni and friend, you are part of a unique community one that is near to your heart. For more than 40years, Christ's School Alumni Association has counted on people like you to help make your Great School and Alumni Association stronger.


Christ's School, Ado-Ekiti Alumni Association was established to serve our Alma Mater and all alumni. Our purpose is to promote and serve the general welfare of Christ's School as an institution for education, to involve, encourage, inform, and stimulate interest among the Alumni community and its friends in the school's educational development and progress.

By visiting this site, you have demonstrated your desire to remain in touch with your Alma Mater. Our Association membership continues to grow every year, if you are not a member, I invite you to become one today. In addition to its numerous benefits, the Association provides you with a vital link to the alumni activities and programs, on-line communication with Alumni and friends.

These are exciting times in our Association. In December 2006, our Alumni Association will stage the First Christ's School Alumni Platinum Club Induction Event in Lagos Nigeria. We will have the first continental meeting between USA/NA and UK Executives in February 2006, to foster relationship and growth among our Alumni, and also the Christ's School Alumni re-union will take place in Atlanta Georgia, in July 1st & 2nd, 2006.

Our Association will need your support in all these events, and in all efforts to raise funds, especially through the Platinum Club(s) Induction Event, to rebuild our great school, and create an enabling environment for learning and good academic standard. Your alumni association is dedicated to making Christ's School, Ado-Ekiti a world class institution. As an Alumnus/Alumna, you can help by encouraging prospective old students of our great school to register as members and attend chapter(s) alumni programs in their respective cities and states.

Christ's School sharpened my appreciation for learning, knowledge, and caring. My experience at Christ's School, Ado-Ekiti also fine-tuned my understanding of the personal characteristics I need to best achieve goals in my university education and personal life. Christ's School vividly demonstrated the value of hard work, dedication, persistence, and adherence to high standards. In addition to this, I had many good times and made some wonderful life long friends. The chance to continue to contribute to the development and growth of our great school through my service as the President is extremely satisfying, our goal is to have a Christ's School that all Alumni will be proud of, with good academic standard and a place where all us will be willing to send our kids, just like our parents sent us.

May God Bless Christ's School, Ado-Ekiti.

You are more than just a name. You are our family.


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