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Avi-Cenna International School

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Avi-Cenna International School was founded in 1989 with seventy students and eight teachers. The founders, Mr. and Mrs. Foudeh, came to Nigeria from Jordan, bringing with them a cherished vision to provide a quality international education to students in an enabling and inspiring environment. They wished to instill in young minds that there are no boundaries in education.

The name of the school emanates from the name of a great scholar, role model, mentor and philosopher, Avi-Cenna, who lived between 986 and 1037. He was popularly known as “The Prince of Physicians” because of his huge contribution to the field of medicine. He wrote the masterpiece: “Qanun” when he was 21 years old and it remained the principal authority in medicine for several centuries in Europe and Asia. Avi-Cenna mastered the fields of physics, metaphysics, mathematics and logic before he was 16 years. 

Avi-Cenna is a well established co-educational British Curriculum School, catering for students from Pre-School to Secondary. The School serves both the Nigerian community and expatriates who are seeking a British Education in Lagos. It is a truly international school with 700 students from approximately 20 different nationalities.

At Avi-Cenna we aim to build confident, balanced, ambitious young people, and to inculcate in them a strong set of values that will allow them to make significant contributions to the world beyond School.

We have a strong commitment to continuous improvement, striving always to provide an academic education of the highest possible standard. In the time they spend at Avi-Cenna, we expect our students to develop the highest standards in all aspects of life: intellectual, cultural, sporting and behavioural.

We likewise expect the highest possible standards of appearance, dress, and manners. We welcome the support of our parents in achieving these aims. This website offers a broad insight into our School. I hope you find it interesting and helpful.


Avi-Cenna aims to provide a broad and stimulating educational experience of the highest quality for all its students. We believe that school life should be valued for itself and not only as a preparation for adulthood. The school aims for all its students to achieve very high standards in both the formal curriculum and in the many extra-curricular activities that are offered. We hope that their involvement in, and enjoyment of, both work and play, and the friendships they make here help them to become well-rounded young people ready to make their contribution to the world in the years ahead.

Avi-Cenna aims to provide an academic education of the highest possible standard which will enable students to acquire the self-confidence and resilience to play a constructive role in this ever changing world to which they belong.

The School aims to develop high standards in all aspects of life: intellectual, cultural, sporting and behavioural. We likewise expect the highest possible standards of appearance, dress, and manners, and welcome the support of parents in achieving these aims.



  • recognition and celebration of the unique nature of each person in the school community,
  • encouragement of excellence in learning within a broad curriculum which provides opportunities suited to a range of skills and abilities,
  • facilitation of a broad range of co-curricular activities and challenges beyond the academic curriculum,
  • promotion of moral and ethical values which reflect truth, honesty and positive behaviour,
  • provision of an environment which is stimulating, caring, vibrant and which encourages enthusiasm, creativity and enjoyment in learning,
  • emphasis on participation, and achievement of "personal best" to increase self-esteem and personal well being,
  • focus on the continual building and strengthening of the school community both through the emphasis on positive relations between staff, students and parents,
  • provision of opportunities for students of different ages to develop interpersonal and leadership skills,
  • commitment to continuous improvement.


Avi Primary School Avi BUILDING

Admission forms are available on request at a cost of 10,000 Naira (which covers the cost of the entrance examination). Completed forms should be returned directly to the Registrar, who will then arrange a date to sit the entrance examination.


Application forms should be fully completed and returned to the Registrar with the following:
2 recent passport size photographs
Copy of birth certificate
Copy of passport information page
Academic transcript and last full report from previous school

Prospective students are required to sit an entrance examination that is designed to indicate a student’s academic level taking into account their age.

Successful students may then be invited for interview with the Principal, for which all-relevant documentation, including the students’ previous academic records, should have been presented.

Once an offer of a place has been made, fees must be paid in order to reserve a place.

Based upon experience, Avi-Cenna considers it disadvantageous to a student to be placed in a year group above their age and will not consider doing so.

Phone Tel:234 1-739 0045, 1-737 5912
Address 6 Harold Shodipo Crescent Lagos


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